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A Farmer’s Smile Laced With Hope- Beatrice’s Story Vol.2

A Farmer’s Smile Laced with Hope- Beatrice’s Story Vol.2

Thanks to the USAID-funded Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets (FtF IAM) Activity in partnership with Ag-Ploutos, Beatrice Muyama’s income and attitude towards farming have improved. The single mother of eight is a farmer in Bulambuli district under the Bunambuti Area Cooperative, a farmers’ support center in Bulambuli through which farmers pool their resources by doing business as a unit.

Beatrice’s turning point came when she made a record net of UGX. 1.4 million in profits from her first harvest of the more yielding and non-shuttering sesame variety (E107), introduced by Ag-Ploutos in partnership with FtF IAM. Beatrice testifies that the money has enabled her to provide for her family better, especially during the COVID-19 induced total lockdown that ran from June to August 2021.  Beatrice attests, “I was able to comfortably provide basic needs like food and medication for my family throughout the recent lockdown. Without the massive sesame harvest, I would have struggled.”

She has also saved enough money to scale her farming. No wonder she has recently rented ten acres of land to plant the E107 sesame variety in preparation for the next season.

Beatrice’s inaugural success has also been a ray of hope in her farming journey and an inspiration to farmers in her community. Beatrice feels more confident about the farming business and is so motivated to invest in what it takes to see her business grow. The fact that Ag-Ploutos has connected her to Akello Banker, a financial institution that would provide her with the necessary financial support in terms of fair loans, is even more encouraging. Beatrice is also thankful for the insurance cover process initiated by Ag-Ploutos; that would greatly minimize her risks and put her biggest fears to rest.

Beatrice attributes her success to technical assistance from Ag-Ploutos in partnership with FtF IAM: Unlimited access to genuine inputs, access to accurate weather information that has informed her farming decisions, and the readily available market. “The availability of market for my produce is reassuring. I plant sesame with confidence that there is a market with a very fair price. Thank you, Ag-Ploutos and FtF IAM!” Beatrice conveyed with a smile.

From her experience with FtF IAM in partnership with Ag- Ploutos, the biggest lesson Beatrice has picked is that knowledge is key to the success of every Farmer. Having struggled with commercial farming for close to ten years, Beatrice feels that no access to information is what held her back previously. Nevertheless, Beatrice is excited about what the future holds for her farming venture. She said, “FtF IAM and Ag-Ploutos have shown me that learning has no limit. I will continue educating myself about new and better farming practices.”

Author: Dorothy Nabatanzi for FtF IAM.

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