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Disseminated The Refugee Market Assessment Reports For Nakivale, Rwamwanja, And Palabek Refuge Settlements To The National Livelihood And Resilience Sector Working Group (LRSWG)

Disseminated the Refugee Market Assessment Reports for Nakivale, Rwamwanja, and Palabek Refuge Settlements to the National Livelihood and Resilience Sector Working Group (LRSWG)

Under the Gender Equality Youth and Social Inclusion (GEYSI) Intervention, on Tuesday, August 16, the Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets (FtF IAM) Activity disseminated the refugee market assessment reports for Nakivale, Rwamwanja, and Palabek refuge settlements to the national Livelihood and Resilience Sector Working Group (LRSWG) at the offices of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Kampala, Uganda. This is part of the Activity’s efforts to stimulate markets in the resilience zones and layer on impactful outcomes and experiences of previous or ongoing interventions by other humanitarian agencies and the Government of Uganda (GoU). The meeting also showed high interest in the Market Systems Development Network (MSDN) and plans to ask FtF IAM to provide more information and intro training on MSD at its next quarterly workshop.

As part of the roll-out process for the published Toolkit to Address Gender-Based Violence in Agriculture and Market Systems Development, FtF IAM took part in the final dissemination virtual event organized by the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers (CGIAR). During the event, FtF IAM shared experiences in using the toolkit specifically lessons learned from the pilot process and recommendations from the pilot to the users. Additionally, this week the activity institutionalized GBV responses among selected private sector partners in North, Elgon, and South Western Uganda, where it mobilized grass root GBV response champions at cooperative and farmer group level and developed referral pathways. The team further carried out GBV training for the partner staff, agents and farmers as well as rolling out the GBV national incident reporting tool to the partners. There will be more trainings carried out for the identified champions to support them in managing GBV incidences in their line of work, this will be coupled with ongoing coaching sessions by the FtF IAM champions.


WEKOnnect Group, a local research and communications agency was contracted by FtF IAM to develop the tools and a behavioral change communications strategy to address the social norms that drive behaviors in market systems. This week it held co-creation workshops to validate the findings from the social norms’ diagnostics study conducted by FtF IAM and generate ideas for initial behavior change communications tactics that will inform the strategy and tools development. The workshop generated insights about target audience personas, key messages, materials, channels, and ideal implementation approaches.

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