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Facilitated Partner Open Capital (OCA) To Hold Their First Gender Lens Investing Event

Facilitated Partner Open Capital (OCA) to Hold Their First Gender Lens Investing Event

FtF IAM is working with transaction advisory partners like Open Capital (OCA) to facilitate the deliberate incorporation of gender impact analysis into the investment process to make more inclusive decisions and ultimately contribute to gender equity and women’s empowerment. The goal of this intervention is to increase the flow of capital to inclusive agricultural businesses in support of GEYSI objectives; through the use of Gender Lens Investing (GLI) strategies through business advisory services and attracting the growing pool of GLI fund managers to invest in Uganda.

On Tuesday, September 6, OCA held its first GLI learning event that brought together inclusive agribusiness beneficiaries of advisory support from OCA, investors, other transaction and capital advisory firms, and other USAID-funded activities like the Strategic Investments Activity. During the event, OCA presented learnings from the research they conducted on the opportunities and constraints of GLI in Uganda. OCA also facilitated discussions where agribusinesses shared their experiences in incorporating gender into their business models and meeting investor requirements. Investors, on the other hand, shared their perspectives on the opportunities for GLI and bottlenecks to investing in inclusive agribusinesses in Uganda. The event revealed that agribusinesses have learned to be more deliberate in integrating gender through policy and in measuring and documenting the impact of inclusion to business growth.  At the event’s climax, participants jointly advocated for stronger collaboration to increase the pipeline of inclusive agribusinesses through increased investment readiness support and sharing of knowledge on best practices to increase GLI.

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