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Partner AFAP Hosted A Business To Business (B2B) Event Between Agro-dealers And Input Suppliers To Strengthen Their Business Relationships

Partner AFAP Hosted a Business to Business (B2B) Event Between Agro-dealers and Input Suppliers to Strengthen their Business Relationships

In the week of June 27, 2022, FtF IAM partner, African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) hosted a Business to Business (B2B) event between agro-dealers and input suppliers to strengthen their business relationships. Currently, low levels of investment and collaboration by major input suppliers in Uganda limit the capacity of regional distributors to market and sell their products. Sixty (60) agro-dealers from Western, Northern (Karamoja, Acholi, and Lango), and Eastern (Mt Elgon) regions attended the event and met suppliers such as Export Trading Group (ETG), GrainPulse, Osho Chemicals, NASECO, and Hangzhou Suppliers. During the event, ETG agreed to co-invest with agro-dealers in radio awareness programs that boost marketing and sales and developed a distribution plan for discounted inputs with agro-dealers from the Karamoja sub-region. Furthermore, FICA seeds agreed to provide maize seeds for 50 demonstration plots for the next season.

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