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Input Supply And Agribusiness Services Spotlight Of The Week

Input Supply and Agribusiness Services Spotlight of the Week

  • Kotido Central Vet Care (KCVC), a veterinary inputs company based in Kotido district is collaborating with the Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets (FTF IAM) activity to scale last mile distribution of quality veterinary inputs to 15,000 smallholder farmers in the Karamoja sub-region. This week KCVC conducted a technical refresher training for 119 (69 women) Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) in disease surveillance, business and entrepreneurship skills. The CAHWs are the secondary level of KCVC supply chain after the district whole sellers that support the last mile distribution of quality veterinary inputs across Abim, Kotido , Kaabong and Karenga districts. With support from KCVC staff, the CAHWs will also be providing continuous advisory and extension services to the smallholder farmers in the sub-region.
  • The Activity has been testing different demand activation models for agro inputs through agro input distributors to increase adoption of new technologies amongst farmers for increased productivity and income. These models include private sector-led demonstration gardens and field days, among other embedded service approaches. Agro input distributors have been able to train farmers practically on the importance of using different inputs and how to apply the technologies. Under its partnership with FtF IAM, the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) organized a field day this week which attracted more than 300 farmers and input companies in eastern Uganda. The Hub Agro dealers working with AFAP demonstrated different inputs such as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and seeds to farmers. Farmers purchased more than 350kgs of fertilizers, 6 liters of insecticides and 5 spray pumps during the field day and others promised to contact the hub agro-dealer for more inputs.
  • AFAP also facilitated a meeting to review the tripartite agreement between Makerere, UNADA and MAAIF on the safe use and handling of agrochemicals training in Uganda to ensure quality and ownership of the activity. The parties agreed that CropLife and MAAIF will be providing trainers while agricultural universities will continue examining the trainees. MAAIF will maintain its role as a regulator and will have access to the training data while UNADA as an umbrella body for agro dealers providing services to its member body for input dealers will organize and mobilize membership for the trainings.
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