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Input Supply Markets- Spotlight For The Week Of May 9, 2022.

Input Supply Markets- Spotlight for the Week of May 9, 2022.

  • Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets (FtF IAM) Activity Partner Home Harvest has continued with demand creation for its soybean inoculant in the Lango and Karamoja subregion through the setting up of demonstration gardens, which are learning sites for smallholder farmers to gain skills and knowledge on soybean seed rate application and seed treatment. Home Harvest set up four demonstration sites (two in Abim and two in Lira), which enabled them to train 115 farmers (77 women).  Home Harvest has also continued with demand activation for their Top Harvest Vegetable products using the same model for setting up demonstration gardens. Additionally, Home Harvest has established three vegetable sites in Lira and 11 sites in Abim (Karamoja) where they trained 325 Smallholder farmers (194 women)  in basic agronomic skills and nursery management.
  • Oasis Agribusiness an FtF IAM partner engaged in the last-mile distribution of inputs in Lango and Karamoja is continuing to market inputs to farmers. Due to delays in the rain that affected demand for cereal and pulses seeds, Oasis has focused on the marketing of vegetable seeds that are short maturing and has developed partnerships with vegetable seed suppliers such as Home Harvest, Top Seeds and Syova. Oasis has also signed an agreement with Brac seeds that allows Oasis to access seeds on credit and pay after a week. Furthermore, Oasis is continuing its agriculture insurance trials and has engaged with the Agro-Insurance consortium in 2021, 28 farmers (of 38 insured) were compensated 400,000 for losses of soya beans and 300,000 for losses on Sunflower; this season, 30 new farmers have enrolled for insurance.
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