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MDF Implementation Tools and Mechanisms

A deal note is a short, usually 3-6 month agreement similar to an MOU that articulates the strategic objectives and investments of the project and partner. It may not be used to provide cash to a partner but is used to offer technical assistance such as business advisory, market research, design and feasibility studies. Deal notes by themselves cannot be used to give cash

Grants are competitively awarded and can be used to offer pay-for-results fixed performance cash payments or to provide in-kind support. FtF IAM periodically releases a request for applications (RFA) or a notice of funding opportunities (NOFO) which offer opportunities to apply for a grant.

Used to identify business service providers that can support FtF IAM and its partners; the Activity periodically releases  request for proposals (RFP) to support business services providers to deliver specific services, drive innovation and scale local services needed for agricultural growth. Usually results in a deliverables-based payments (pay for performance- P4R) contract that supports multiple beneficiary firms or organizations.

FtF will support communication that increases awareness of products, services and business models that are demonstrating success, helping to build commercial demand for good and services and support replication and scale. It will also share learning across development actors and support inter-partner business and collaboration opportunities.

Gender Equity Youth and Social Inclusion and the MDF

Principle: all MDF partnership will contribute to more inclusive business models;

  • Women, youth and marginalized communities are at the heart of the MDF purpose;
  • FtF IAM takes the approach that all MDF partnerships are gender lens investments (GLI) made by USAID and its partners under FtF IAM.
  • The Inclusive MDF Partnership Framework Tool is used to co-design, monitor and adapt partnerships and provides structure for facilitated conversations during codesign.
  • MDF partners will have varying initial levels of capacity for inclusive business but will work with FtF IAM to idenfity opportunities and strategies for inclusive business model growth.
Level Lens
Direct Inclusion Impact i. Entrepreneurship & Leadership
ii. Employment & Workplace Equity
Inclusive Supply-Chain iii. Supply chain participation
iv.  Beyond Production Opportunities
Inclusive Products and Services v.  Adapt products and services
vi. Benefit women and youth as consumers
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