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Ag-Ploutos, a Ugandan Company, is an Agricultural firm whose core business aim is to strengthen food supply chains by partnering with government, developmental partners and private agri-enterprises to improve sustainable food supply chains and promoting the use of advanced technologies and innovations that improve food systems and supply chains. The current Innovations by Ag-Ploutos include non-shattering sesame varieties, wheat for low altitude regions, and sorghum for flour and brewing, Irish potatoes for Chips and crisps processing industries and other pulse value chains building supply chain from producers to buyers on contract farming.

Ag- Ploutos core business is to strengthen supply chain for farmers and buyers through contract farming by providing local farmers with a new platform for growing sesame of a higher yield and non-shattering variety, and other crops like wheat, Irish potatoes, barley and sorghum. This sets the ground for the advancement of a more responsible supply chain, greater price stability, and cost-effective growth.

Sesame is a widely traded product around the world. Sesame offers drought tolerance, good yield potential, a decent price, and few pest problems. Sesame does well with comparatively little irrigation – 30–38 cm a year. By comparison, Maize requires 56–61 cm; soybeans 43–48cm; and cotton 48–56 cm. The top importers of sesame seed are in the Asia-Pacific region (China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam), while the top consumers of sesame oil are Western countries (the US, the UK, Canada). The global sesame grain market is worth US$9 billion annually. Introduction of the non-shattering and high yielding simsim variety by AP and IAM will allow farmers to tap into the global market and increase production and productivity. The new variety yields 3 to 4 times more than the current local variety.

By leveraging FtF IAM support, Ag-Ploutos and its partners will support an additional 10,000 SHF in Mount Elgon (Bulambuli and Sironko), Karamoja regions,-Abim, Napak, Moroto and Northern Uganda -Lamwo, Kitgum, Gulu Amuru and Nwoya to increase production, productivity and develop an efficient sesame value chain for increased income and resilience. This will enable the targeted farmers to operate at a lower cost of production of 980/= UGX /kg compared to the current 3930/= UGX/kg cost of production. Additionally, this will increase farm incomes of SHFs by $500/acre or $1000 per year per household through introduction of the improved variety of Sesame and a bundle of services including mechanization, quality inputs, extension, fertilizers, insurance among others.


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