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Agency For Development Of Young Farmers In Uganda (ADYOFU)

Agency for Development of Young Farmers in Uganda (ADYOFU)

This partnership is aimed at increasing the market/trader’s association’s efforts and empowering adherence to COVID19 protocols by decreasing the risk of exposure of the market community and food supply chains and improving the health and hygiene practices in Abim and Kotido, Northern Uganda. In this partnership, the Agency for Development of Young Farmers in Uganda (ADYOFU) leverages the Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets(FtF IAM) Activity funding to support market/traders’ associations to come up with innovative ideas on how COVID 19 adaptations can be implemented at the marketplaces to sustainably promote social distancing, controlled access to the markets and crowd control as well as the observance of personal hygiene. ADYOFU together with the market/traders’ association will work towards strengthening the response skills and capacity with an aim of protecting the well-being of the traders, their customers, and farmers in the value chain. ADYOFU will equip market associations with the requisite tools and knowledge to implement the measures aimed at preventing the further spread of the COVID 19 pandemic. 



The overall objective of this partnership is to support the Abim and Kotido market/trader associations to improve sanitation and the overall implementation of COVID 19 protocols. This is rooted in two specific objectives;  

Objective 1: Identify and build the capacity of the Abim and Kotido MTA committees and COVID-19 task forces to enforce COVID-19 protocols and become resilient to respond to COVID within their marketplaces. 

Objective 2: Improve management, hygiene, and sanitation facilities of the marketplaces in Abim and Kotido districts with an aim of contributing to preventing the spread of COVID-19 during commercial trading operations. 

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