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Agrisol Africa Limited

Agrisol Africa Limited

Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets (FtF IAM) Activity partners with Agrisol Uganda Limited, a youth-led farmer-based Agribusiness enterprise that offers a one-stop solution to agriculture-related challenges. The partnership supports smallholder farmers in Lira, Omoro, and Napak districts in Northern and Karamoja sub-regions in Uganda in responding to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemics. In partnership with FtF IAM, Agrisol Africa Limited and Vart Africa Solutions Limited leverages the FtF IAM funding to expand and invest in last-mile input distribution models comprising of village agents to increase the adoption of quality agro-inputs, mechanization, and digital technologies (Yaa Malu scratch cards) resulting into the expansion of market share and profitability. The assumption is that if smallholder farmers adopt saving in bits using the Yaa Malu scratch cards, they can be able to access quality agro-inputs and mechanization services timely which contributes to increased productivity and then increased incomes.  


This partnership is rooted in three specific objectives: 

  1. Objective 1: Offer high-quality discounted inputs (seeds and fertilizers) and mechanization to 1,800 farmers (min 60% female, youth, and PWDs) through saving using the Yaa Malu scratch cards within Lira, Omoro, and Napak.  
  1. Objective 2: Build the capacity of the smallholder farmers on product knowledge, and usage of the agro-inputs and strengthen linkages between the smallholder farmers, off-takers, and financial institutions.  
  1. Objective 3: Support AAL and VAS to put in place and comply with the COVID-19 protocols to make their operations safer for their workers and customers. 
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