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Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets (FtF IAM) Activity is partnering with ACN Africa, a leading consulting firm in the fight against counterfeits, to drive behavior change through building capacities, providing information, and legal expertise that improves the process management of counterfeit cases and innovative use of mass media for awareness campaigns. Under this collaboration, FtF IAM seeks to increase the performance and competitive growth of the agro-input sector by raising public awareness and building the capacities of the Government of Uganda (GoU) agencies to tackle the problems of counterfeits in the market. The Activity envisions more competitive agro-input markets that avail high-quality and genuine agricultural inputs which serve the needs of the farming communities. Through the partnership, the FtF IAM Activity seeks to build capacities of targeted GoU Agencies on strategies to combat counterfeits in the agricultural input market.

Objective 1:
* Build the capacity of the selected stakeholders from the Justice, Law, and Order Sector, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries, and Fisheries (MAAIF) on leveraging law enforcement and justice services in reducing the prevalence of counterfeit agricultural inputs.
* Increase awareness of counterfeits in the agricultural input sector among the Justice, Law, and Order Sector and MAAIF with regards to the gravity and risks associated with counterfeits.
* Strengthen capacity and confidence of key stakeholders in using the law to combat counterfeiting in the agricultural input market.

Objective 2.
* Drive consumer behavioral change through national mass media awareness campaigns with an emphasis on boosting local participation in the Zone Of Influence (ZOI) through targeted messaging. Leveraging the 4 regional networking/learning events as channels for widespread dissemination efforts.
* Develop a commercial model and service package for mass media awareness campaigns.
* Build demand for information and action against counterfeits by consumers, the public sector, media houses, agribusinesses, etc.

The pilot undertaking of the partnership covers Bugisu Sub Region which comprises of districts: Mbale, Bududa, Sironko and
Manafwa. However, the trackability and multiplier effect will go beyond Bugisu subregion due to radio coverage, signage, and beneficiary-to-beneficiary multiplier effect.

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