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Asigma Advisory

Asigma Advisory

Asigma Advisory is a business development service provider that has its niche in developing business cases and conducting market assessments for the private sector and developmental organizations with an outlook for both social and economic impact. Asigma Advisory combines finance, operations engineering, and data analytics to add value. Asigma Advisory delivers the information, opinion, and advice that considers the entire picture, helping clients to make decisions with confidence. Asigma Advisory has completed 15+ business plans/cases; supported 100+ SMEs& 10+ digitalization projects and established 20+ relationships with Development & Commercial Financial Institutions; most of which are in the agriculture sector. This has led to an in-depth understanding of the challenges that limit the growth of agricultural sector actors and the markets in which they operate.

Leveraging data and technology to support businesses and help drive them into the future, lies at the core of what ASIGMA does. This led to the creation of digital business development solutions, such as the digital cost tracking platform, that create a pathway to remotely coach businesses through their challenges. The digital business development solutions provide insights on the business’ operations that enable Asigma Advisory to provide market-driven solutions.

Leveraging the MDF funding, Asigma Advisory will demonstrate the value of and expand the functionality of the digital cost tracking tool to agribusinesses to create a pathway to deliver remote coaching of businesses. The cost-effective BDS service delivery will create a pathway to sustainably increasing its agribusiness clients and revenue. Specifically, Asigma through this intervention will:

  • Develop a new cost-effective service for agribusinesses that enables them to optimize unit production costs through digital cost tracking and build operational capacity mainly based on the virtual provision of BDS from tool insights.
  • Demonstrate the value of the digital cost tracking tool to new clients and build demand for additional fee-based services for agribusinesses thereby increasing revenue from agribusiness clients.
  • Build the internal capacity of agribusinesses, that source from networks of smallholder farmers, to make better investment decisions and better manage their operations leading to an increase in capacity utilization.

The proposed activity will pilot the use of digital cost tracking tools, for remote coaching agribusinesses, that will be customized for 10 agribusinesses. The aim is to demonstrate to these agribusinesses the value of these tools and convert at least 50% of these agribusinesses into paying clients. In addition, this pilot will enable Asigma Advisory to further understand the agribusinesses in order to develop a wide range of digital tools and business strategies tailored to enable the Agribusinesses to overcome challenges of doing business or improve their business management practices. It will also utilize this opportunity to showcase the benefits of these digitalized tools to other agribusinesses as part of their marketing strategy and hence start to scale their business model.


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