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AWhere Inc

aWhere Inc

About aWhere

aWhere is an agricultural-weather company that delivers weather-based agricultural intelligence to farmers, companies, development agencies, and governments to enable data-driven decisions on adapting to increased weather variability at a local to a global scale with its 1.9 million virtual weather stations and advanced analytics.

 Founded in 1999, aWhere incorporates crop models, crop planting data, and real-time weather information to deliver customized, geo-located information services, aligned to the cropping calendar, to smallholder farmers based on current weather conditions. These tips and advice enable smallholder farmers to adapt to variable and extreme weather as well as adopt new technologies that should perform better under changing climatic conditions. Farmers can use this information to optimize production activities, input applications, and irrigation schedules to reduce environmental impact and increase farmers’ return on investment.

 aWhere’s Activities and Focus Areas

aWhere delivers economic resilience to climate change by making agronomic and weather data available to farmers through intermediaries such as research centers, governments, information companies, mobile network operators, and non-profit organizations that can integrate the data into their information systems. aWhere provides real-time localized weather information and field-level agronomic intelligence across the agriculture value chain, thereby enabling farmers to make timely decisions at different stages of crop production.

Work Pursued in Partnership with IAM

Given that agriculture is a weather-driven sector, timely access to weather information is critical and enables agribusinesses and farmers to make informed decisions. However, to ensure that whether the information is provided sustainably, it must be increasingly demanded and valued as a service. In partnership with IAM Activity, aWhere granted access to its weather dataset support by over 2,500 virtual weather station in Uganda, recruit and train potential whether entrepreneurs and most importantly, establish an innovation Hub focused on building a marketplace for weather entrepreneurs where they can easily connect and interact with interested clients.  (iHub), focused on building a marketplace for weather entrepreneurs where they can easily connect and interact with interested clients.

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