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BRAC Social Business Enterprises Uganda Ltd

BSBE is a company that deals in production and marketing of certified seeds such as maize, rice, beans, soybeans, vegetables. BSBE owns a 53-acre farm from which they produce vegetable seeds and foundations seeds for cereals and legumes which are then distributed to farmers to produce certified seeds. BSBE acquired automated seed processing plant and has tissue culture laboratory which has enabled the company to maintain quality in seed production and tissue culture. BSBE distributes foundation seeds to contracted smallholder farmers to produce certified seeds from districts of Masindi, Lira, Nakaseke and Kasese and develop tissue culture for banana, orange fleshed sweet potato and Irish potatoes. BSBE operates in most parts of Uganda (northern, mid-western, south western, central, eastern regions) specially where Brac microfinance operates and sell seeds to the farmers who are members and non-members of Brac microfinance groups.

Currently BSBE produces an average of 600MT of certified seeds and 30,000 clean plantlets of bananas per year and market them to farmers in all regions of the country but northern and central regions taking most of the seeds since BSBE seeds have strong preference in these regions. BSBE plans to produce and market 850MT of assorted seeds and 100,000 plantlets of banana tissue culture this year (2020/2021) to meet the anticipated increased demand in the eastern and south western regions and other parts of the country. BSBE plans to reach 20,000 farmers in eastern and south western Uganda with about 400MT of assorted seeds (maize, beans, soybeans and vegetables) and 60,000 clean plantlets of bananas of local varieties that had been lost due to bacterial wilt. Sell of banana plantlets will increase the incomes for both tree nursery operators since they will be getting a commission of ugx500/= per plantlet sold and BSBE due to increased number of plantlets sold.

The assorted seeds will be distributed and sold through community -based agro-entrepreneurs such as CAPs (Community Agricultural Promoters) and agro-dealers who will be able to reach local farmers in their localities to create awareness and transport seeds near to the farmers. BSBE will recruit 100 CAPs and 100 agro-dealers to sell seeds to farmers in Eastern and South Western Uganda. 30% of recruited CAPs will be youth and 40% women which is one way of increasing employment among women and youth which has not been the case in many other businesses since this category of people lack enough capital to startup and maintain businesses. CAPS will earn 5-10% commission on every seed they sell and 50% of the CAPs will be given seeds on credit as a startup capital which is a motivation to keep them in business thus BSBE’s high turnover.

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