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Open Capital Advisors

Open Capital Advisors

About Open Capital Advisors

Open Capital Advisors (OCA) is a management consulting and financial advisory firm that drives growth, enables
investment, and builds markets across Africa. OCA was founded in 2010 to support high-potential businesses,
investors, development organisations and governments to develop scalable approaches to economic growth. Over
the past decade, OCA has developed into a leading strategy consulting firm, having built strong on-the-ground
experience through 600+ engagements across 22+ African countries. OCA’s team of 120+ professionals is based in Kampala, Nairobi, Lusaka, and Lagos. OCA has worked in Uganda since 2011 and opened office in Kampala at the beginning of 2016 to better support clients in the Ugandan market.

Our activities and focus areas
Open Capital has a significant focus in agriculture, where the firm has completed 300+ engagements across a range of sub-sectors, including staple crops, livestock, poultry, feeds, coffee, tree crops, and horticulture. OCA has provided extensive support to agribusinesses working with smallholder farmers, input providers, smallholder off-takers, and agro-processors. OCA has also supported agribusinesses as they vertically integrate, assisted processors to develop expansion strategies, and supported many companies in their capital raising initiatives. OCA’s work with the private sector and development partners has allowed it to build a unique understanding of agricultural value chains, including the opportunities and challenges that businesses face. OCA also has deep experience in supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to plan and implement strategies and raise more than USD 600 million in capital by leveraging its international network of 300+ investors.

Work pursued in partnership with FtF-IAM
OCA is supporting FtF IAM i) by providing Ugandan MSMEs with scenario planning tools required to forecast supply and demand, manage their supply chains effectively, and understand the cash flow implications of various COVID-19 scenarios, and ii) by providing 5 agribusinesses with dedicated talent support from an Open Capital consultant to implement the scenario planning tools and support management with scenario and contingency planning. OCA also plans to share the scenario planning tools with ~15 agribusinesses as well and conduct two webinars and follow-up calls with these businesses to support scenario planning.

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