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Value Addition And Quality Food Trade- Spotlight For The Week Of May 9, 2022.

Value Addition and Quality Food Trade- Spotlight for the week of May 9, 2022.

  • Lira Resort Enterprises, a regional trading company, is partnering with FtF IAM to strengthen market linkages with Karamoja enterprises and stabilize the food trade. Lira resort has developed trading partners and agents who supply them grains during peak seasons and buy grains from them during times of shortage. To ensure a higher supply of grains during harvest season, Lira Resort is working together with the agents to support farmers in crop production by linking the farmers to maize seeds supplied by an agro dealer called Aton Agro supply and Alito joint cooperative a producer of quality declared seeds for the supply of sunflower and sesame seeds. To share risk and catalyze more local production in Karamoja, Lira is offering a partial credit and payment option for seeds and within the week, more than 100 farmers received seeds.
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