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Value Addition & Quality Food Trade Spotlight Of The Week

Value Addition & Quality Food Trade Spotlight of the Week

  • The Edge Trading Limited, a coffee trading company, collaborating with Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets (FtF IAM) Activity on the digital integration of its smallholders supply chain through agricultural service providers in Western Uganda, reported that it advanced credit valued at UGX 293,000,000 (est. USD 79,189) to its aggregators in April and May to buy coffee from smallholder farmers. The Edge seeks to increase its coffee purchases from smallholder farmers by enabling aggregators and village agents access additional credit through linking them to financial institutions such as Equity bank. This season, the Edge is using its own resources to demonstrate the credit worthiness of their suppliers in the system. In future seasons, transaction data history in the system will enable Equity to loan additional credit. Access to working capital will help the aggregators and village agents buy from the farmers on cash basis and reduce side selling by farmers that have received services from The Edge.
  • Food Safety Associates (FSA), and the local Consultant Service Providers (CSPs) supported by FSA to provide commercial certification support services to processors are supporting a total of 30 processors to attain Uganda National Bureau of Standards Quality mark (Q-Mark) certification. Eleven (11) out of the 30 processors supported have attained the Q-Mark certification, including 10 from Mbale and one from Mbarara. Three (3) of these were supported by FSA while eight (8) were supported by two CSPs from Mbale. One CSP, Joel Manana, supported 7 of these processors to attain certification. The Activity will follow up on this CSP to gain an understanding on the benefits he has accrued from providing the support services and what has contributed to his success so that learnings are shared across other CSPs.
  • Partners in Food Solutions (PFS) is supporting processors to produce safe and quality foods in collaboration with FtF IAM and has expanded its scope of work with the three processors (New Kakinga Millers, Manya millers and West Acholi Cooperative union, WACU). It will expand its work with these processors to include support in fortification of maize flour, product development and/or requirements for quality control lab. PFS has already completed or nearly completed projects such as an apprenticeship program for a graduate of Food processing technology at Kakinga Millers, a maize processor in Kasese, and who is currently negotiating a full time employment contract as a Quality manager and defining the requirements for a basic internal quality control lab for Kakinga millers and WACU.
  • PFS is also exploring an engagement with Mbale Industrial Area Millers Association (MIAMA), and Medi and Sons Millers in Mbale. The Link East Africa agency has completed a draft of its capacity needs assessment report under our deal note with MIAMI, and this was shared with PFS to inform the design of a technical assistance plan that would enable MIAMA support its members (95 small and medium millers) to produce quality and safe foods. PFS is considering how it could provide guidance on the requirements for MIAMA to set up a quality control lab, one of the key projects that MIAMA is interested in.
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